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Welcome to Express Teeth Whitening NSW

Express Teeth Whitening began in NSW in late 2016 with Rob and Sue jumping on board as a partnership team.

Their teeth whitening business is a family owned operation providing a friendly effective environment.

Your Support Team

Sue Voegt

Divisional Master Franchisor

Sue owns and operates a teeth whitening franchise in Ryde, Gladesville and Concord and can offer hands on support to new franchisees joining the team. When Sue first looked at franchising opportunities she passed up teeth whitening because she thought she needed to have experience in the dentistry industry but soon found out that was not the case. It’s simple to administer and Sue has never done anything so easy. You don’t need any university degrees in dentistry just bring your common sense and your strengths. The other great thing is that there’s no boss telling you what to do, only guidance from others who understand and can support you through the journey of owning your own teeth whitening franchise.

Sue is excited to grow the business model throughout NSW alongside Rob and encourages anyone considering teeth whitening to jump on board because it’s such a low investment and it offers a flexible work arrangement either part time or full time to fit in with family life. You have access to all the business support you need to grow a business from marketing to lead generation including business and hands on training.

Robert Mei

Divisional Master Franchisor

Rob has a significant understanding of the franchise industry within Australia and international markets and a strong understanding of global trends, consumer behaviours within a wide variety of industries and is always strategically focused and results driven. A highly effective businessman who takes great pride in identifying, implementing and executing new and profitable revenue streams within competitive markets and has a proven ability to manage and lead business units through pre-opening planning to transition into growth and prosperity.

The main reason Rob chose Express Teeth Whitening was because it has outstanding profitability across a diverse range of social, cultural and economic demographics. As well, the service does not suffer from seasonal highs or lows and is in constant demand.